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Dolichocolon of the intestine in adults. definition of pathology and treatment. Last update. February 2, 2020.Dolichocolon is a congenital elongation of gamble with real money online or more anatomical sections of the colon. In 95% of cases, the sigmoid segment is affected - dolichosigma. The pathology leads to chronic constipation and increases the risk of acute intestinal obstruction. When examining patients with impaired bowel movement, every second of them is diagnosed with a long colon. Dolichocolon is a congenital malformation of the digestive organs and is often combined with other developmental anomalies. The exact causes of the pathology are not known.

According to some scientists, dolichocolon can also be acquired. It is believed to be associated with frequent enemas, abuse of laxatives, and age-related changes in the intestinal wall. But these works do not have an evidence base. Dolichocolon is often asymptomatic, and its exact prevalence is unknown. In women, the first signs of pathology appear during pregnancy, in men - after 30 years. If these complaints have bothered you for at least 12 weeks over the past 6 months, contact a gastroenterologist.

According to statistics, dolichocolon is the cause of acute intestinal obstruction in 8% of casino real money free play. The long colon has additional loops and pathological mobility. The blood supply to the affected area is disrupted. When seeking medical help late, intestinal necrosis and peritonitis develop, which often leads to death. A gastroenterologist diagnoses dolichocolon. The doctor finds out complaints, medical history, frequency of bowel movements, experience in using laxatives and enemas. A possible intestinal abnormality is indicated by a family history of constipation. Patients experience characteristic changes in appearance. asthenic physique, stoop, asymmetry of the ears, arachnodactyly (very long and thin fingers). When palpating the abdomen, rumbling and pain occur in the projection of the colon.

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In uncomplicated pathology, there are no specific changes in the tests. Laboratory tests are prescribed to play free casino money no deposit required the patient�s general condition and differential diagnosis of dolichocolon with other diseases. Dolichocolon can only be determined using instrumental studies. Irrigoscopy with double contrast - at the first stage, barium is injected into the intestine using an enema, and a series of X-rays are taken. Then, after bowel movement, air is introduced, and the images are repeated. Using irrigoscopy, the length and shape of all parts of the colon, their mobility, and position in the abdominal cavity are assessed. Colonoscopy is an endoscopic method for examining the large intestine, allowing you to evaluate the size of each section, the condition of the mucous membrane, the severity of folds, tone, looping.

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